The Pastel Journal

demonstration Reverie: Ballerina

I start with a fairly detailed underdrawing in sanguine pencil, which becomes the foundation for the future portrait and gives the whole work a warm undertone.

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The Pastel Journal
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Anne Hevener SENIOR DESIGNER Brian Roeth SENIOR EDITOR Holly Davis MANAGING EDITOR Christina Richards Sylvie Cabal, Art du Pastel; Albert Handell; Liz Haywood-Sullivan; Janie Hutchinson; Isabelle V. Lim; Richard McKinley, IAPS; Rae Sm
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An unusually slow, contemplative day helped California-based artist Patricia Prescott Sueme ( conjure what would become Shallow Wishes (opposite). “I was wandering The Huntington Gardens with a few other artists, and we had the pla
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Freedom to Explore
As a medium, pastel is well suited to innovation, and when it comes to illuminating this versatility, New York artist Bill Creevy is, literally, the man who wrote the book. His 1991 publication, The Pastel Book (Watson-Guptill), is a text that inspir