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Between the socialist millennials who want everything to be open access and free, to the affluent travelers who can pop off to Mykonos at the drop of a hat, and the spend-thrift seniors paying for nursing care with Medicaid, LGBT folks run the gamut when it comes to money, their access to it, and beliefs about it. A new survey from Experian offers some interesting insight.

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Protecting Our Most Vulnerable
Queer youth are at an increased risk of sexual violence, which is extremely problematic given that they also face challenges in accessing affirming and supportive counseling services. Alarmingly, only 41 percent of those surveyed by the Human Rights
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Start HIV Treatment. Help Protect Your Health.
1. LEARN ABOUT THE LGBTQ COMMUNITY’S LEGACY. LGBTQ Pride parades actually started with Christopher Street Liberation Day, a commemorative celebration of the Stonewall riots. It was the first Pride gathering of that size in the history of the U.S. And
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Fresh Eggs
A first-of-its-kind study published by Fertility and Sterility revealed that transgender men have a similar response to ovarian stimulation as cisgender women, even after they’ve been using testosterone for years. The aim of the study was to investig