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The manufacturing conglomerate famous for Post-it Notes and Scotch tape earns about 3,000 patents every year and encourages its 91,000 employees to devote 15% of working time to projects outside the normal scope of their jobs.



AMD, a semiconductor company, uses “leapfrog teams”—discrete

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BESSEMER, ALABAMA, A TOWN OF 27,000 located 15 miles southwest of Birmingham, drew international attention earlier this year when 5,800 workers at its recently opened Amazon fulfillment center voted on whether to unionize (they preliminarily lost). A
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● A typical freight train runs only on polluting diesel fuel, but a new locomotive built by Pittsburghbased Wabtec includes 18,000 battery cells, producing roughly as much energy as 24 of the most powerful Teslas. Like those in an electric car, the b
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Elsa Majimbo voices what we’re all thinking, and does so with the shadiest laughter. I can always count on absolute foolery. For when I need uncouth wisdom. I look forward to his Sunday drop of new music-his creativity is next level. Khadija Farah/Th