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When I was a kid, we seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time at school studying history — with an emphasis on American history. I remember in fourth grade struggling almost to the point of

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Advances In Cornea Transplants
The cornea on the front of your eye (about the thickness of a credit card) helps bring vision into focus. Twenty years ago, there was just one type of cornea transplant: The surgeon removed the entire central portion of the cornea with a cookie-cutte
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5-minute Fitness
“Anyone can utilize shadowboxing for overall strength, balance, and agility,” says Kristy Rose Follmar, head coach at Indianapolis-based Rock Steady Boxing, a boxing-style program to benefit people with Parkinson’s. 1 Stand with feet shoulder-width
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Positivity Practice
This year has been a nightmare for millions. As I write, a vaccine for the coronavirus is still a dream, and anger and frustration and fear are hallmarks of our lives. Most people are not going to feel very thankful on the most American of holidays —