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Doctor urges seniors to carry medical alert device

(NATIONWIDE) – People don’t always do what their doctor says, but when renowned emergency room physician, Dr. Philip B. Howren says every

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The Ad That Became A Legend
From its earliest days, the Cadillac Automobile Company aimed to distinguish itself for the engineering and luxurious style of its vehicles. It introduced the first self-starting engine, the first fully enclosed body, and, in 1915, the first V-8 in a
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Laughs Limerick
RULES: Limericks must contain five lines. Enter as many times as you wish. All entries must be submitted by April 25. The March/April Limerick Laughs winner will be announced in the July/August issue. Entries will not be returned. HOW TO SUBMIT: Fill
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I Had A Fortress Once In Paradise
When my brother was 5 and I was 7, my parents moved us to Paradise. We’d been living in the Los Angeles section known as Glendale. We lived at 521B Allen Avenue. (You never forget your address when you go off to school for the first time, do you?) It