Samsung’s Linux on DeX

In addition to the above options, you have an additional one that’s not only compatible with your device and not just

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The Graphical Union Address: Now With More Ray Tracing
Over two years ago, Nvidia surprised nearly everyone by announcing that its next-gen Turing architecture would feature the holy grail of computer graphics: Ray tracing (RT). It’s a technique that’s been around for decades, and the movie industry make
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Use A Raspberry Pi As Your Daily Driver
Much has been written about using a Raspberry Pi as a desktop replacement. When the Raspberry Pi launched in 2012, this seemed unfeasible. With the arrival of the 8GB Raspberry Pi 4, it is eminently possible. Take the basic specification of a low-cos
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CPU: Zilog Z80A @ 3.579 MHz RAM: 8-128 KB plus 16 KB of VRAM ROM: 32 KB BASIC Graphics: Texas Instruments TMS9918 with 16 colors, 256x192 maximum resolution, single colour sprites Sound: General Instrument AY-3-8910 PSG Storage: Cartridge, cassette,