Install Bitwarden on your NAS

For Bitwarden to work effectively, you need 24/7 access to the server. Thanks to their support for Docker, both capable Synology and QNAP NAS drives are the perfect host for your, but QNAP users need to adapt the instructions there for their own setup, as follows….

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The Scientific Method
Let’s make one thing clear: We’re not scientists. We’re just slotting things into motherboards and praying it works, then writing words about it. We leave unraveling the mysteries of the universe to those smarter and better trained than us. But we ar
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Cutting Back
Yes, we know: This machine is monstrously expensive. So let’s talk about some more affordable alternatives. First up, you can eliminate RGB altogether and cut down to less memory; 32GB is a safe minimum for a system like this, but 64GB kits are also
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Exclusive Downloads
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