“Stuart has made this project a relatively classic design, going for an elegant and classy look that is both high mod art, and a practical, powerful PC

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FBI Tracking Device
We’re taking a sneak peek inside an FBI tracking device, similar to the one Yasir Afifi found on his car. Disclaimer: We love the FBI. We’ve worked with them on several occasions to fight crime and locate criminals. We’ve helped them with instruction
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HOW TO: Gain Insights Into Your Usage
OffScreen’s main screen shows your iPhone usage broken down into a range of categories. At the top is a timer showing how long you have used your phone today. Each section has a card, which you can tap to get more detail. Tap Pickups. You will see
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Other Useful Features
OffScreen Pro comes with a host of useful extras, besides the ones we have covered so far. It lets you back up your data to iCloud, and you can sync your sleep and focus times with Apple’s Health app. We also like that you can create unlimited custom