Synology Disk Station DS1019+

N AS units are more than simple file servers these days. They run all sorts of server apps that require faster CPUs and faster storage than the humble NAS units of the past provide. Synology’s new DiskStation DS1019+ is kitted out with hardware features that reflect the demands placed on

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Access Dots
Ever swear your apps have to be listening to you or even using your camera without your permission? Well there are settings in pretty much all phones to limit this but sometimes it can be pretty difficult to tell. That’s where Access Dots comes in. T
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Oculus VR Headsets Will Soon Require A Facebook Login
Oculus is finally taking the fear we all had when Facebook bought it and making it a reality. This October, the company will start ending support for Oculus accounts and replacing them with Facebook accounts. In a post on its website, Oculus announce
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Combining TaskbarX And Windows Settings
The visual tricks of TaskbarX can be combined with Windows 10’s taskbar settings for some interesting effects. Open the Windows 10 Settings app, click “Personalisation,” then click “Taskbar” at the bottom of the left-hand column. Under the “Combine t