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Down To Earth
WHO ISN’T GOING to want to open Guideposts The Joys of Christmas 2020, with its beautiful golden angel on the cover (pictured below)? Inside, you’ll find our best Christmas stories from today and classics from the past, with full-color illustrations
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Heaven’s Music
I SET DOWN THE LAST BOX of Christmas decorations I’d carried in from the garage. There was so much decorating to do, but I wasn’t up for any of it. Christmas had always been Mom’s favorite holiday, and this would be our first without her. I wasn’t su
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Room At The Inn?
IT SEEMED LIKE a great idea for our church to put the youth group in charge of the annual Christmas pageant—until they asked my son, Charlie, to take part in it. “Please let him be in the Christmas play,” begged Julie, the teenaged head of the youth