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Turquoise Cobalt is one of the most popular colors of MaimeriBlu watercolor paints because of its veratility. Mix it with different yellows for truly unique colors

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Studio On Wheels
Santos has been dreaming about taking an extended journey across the United States since he emigrated to Florida from Cuba in 1995, but first he wanted to establish his career as an arist. “It was only recently that I could envision how both passions
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Take A Painting
“Take a Painting” is an interactive painting installation that Stearly launched in 2013 as part of her MFA thesis work. Every day after class, Stearly would sit in a coffee shop down the street from her studio and make intricate doodles with Sharpie
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Demonstration: Emergence
1 Working on Arches 140-lb. cold-pressed paper (off the roll), clipped to a board, McEown started with an underpainting, applied as a wet-into-wet wash. 2 Next, he began defining the foreground whales and setting up where to leave the whites. The ar