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Art, people and place

Australin Geographic Managing Director Jo Runciman travelled north on Coral Discoverer to be immersed in the enthralling Indigenous cultures of northern Australia.

I WAS DELIGHTED to recently host a special Australian Geographic Coral Expeditions art-themed tour of Cape York and Arnhem Land. This was so much more than simply a visit to the Tiwi and Torres Strait islands. It was an extraordinary and immersive opportunity to meet and interact with the communities living there.

What my fellow travellers and I experienced was an intimate education on Australian Indigenous culture. We did this by exploring

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Looking Up
The world’s most recognised constellation is the Northern Hemisphere evening sky’s Orion the Hunter. From Down Under we see it upside down, with Orion’s three belt stars making the base of the Saucepan. His sword hanging off the belt extends to the u
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Venoms And Antivenoms In Australia
CHARLES MARTIN AT THE University of Sydney began the first systematic study of Australian snake venom chemistry in 1891, using the red-bellied black snake and the tiger snake. He discovered two active proteins: one triggered clotting in blood vessels
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Trams And Trauma
PETER SALVESEN was driving his tram on 15 March 2019 when sirens began to wail and police cars darted through the streets. Something was wrong. Radio messages came through calling him to return to base. An Australian white supremacist gunman had open