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Owner Jared Byass was well settled in this inner-Melbourne home by the time he began renovating. He bought the worker’s cottage in 2010, living in it as it was for seven years. During that time he honed his skills as a property developer, compiling a hot list of contacts on the way. In 2017, he

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Dress Circle
From the moment Eugenie Kelly stepped into this home, she had a good feeling about it. There were sweet leadlight windows at the front door, open fires crackling downstairs, and high ceilings that made every room feel elegant and generous. It needed
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This Is The Life
“The Northern Beaches is a great place to bring up a family,” says the homeowner. “The beaches and surfing are second to none and drive an hour and you’re in the middle of one of the most spectacular cities in the world.” Having grown up on the North
Australian House & Garden1 min citite
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Facebookers fell for an elegant Euro-style home in Victoria, a revitalised Federation cottage took top spot on Instagram, and Pinners were inspired by the renovation of an interior designer’s own home. Facebook australianhouseandgarden