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Book lovers are among the most devoted of collectors – because favourite stories are impossible to part with. But to keep tomes in your home you need the right storage for them. “Books add warmth and personality to a home,” says Dana Goldberg, interior designer and director of Nido Studio. “But they can present a storage issue in smaller homes and this is where you need to get creative.” Custom-designed floor-to-ceiling joinery may be the ultimate solution, allowing

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‘Integration’ has long been a buzzword in home-design circles, with automation technology getting smarter, smaller and more discreet by the year. Now, we are enjoying the rise of luxury brand collaborations with the likes of Apple x Hermès, LG x Prad
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Formal Lesson
Architect Graham Fisher already had a weekender at Daylesford, 100 kilometres north-west of Melbourne, when a decommissioned primary school at nearby Kingston came up for sale in 2008. But he couldn’t help himself and bought the old building, constru
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This Is The Life
It may be minimal in style, but there’s still plenty of personality to be found in this home. “The six photos hanging in the dining area are of the Italian island of Panarea, where one of the homeowners’ parents were born,” says Olivia. “It’s a place