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Do this

Think fast

• Working out before work is a necessity for many, but its benefits extend beyond simply fitting everything

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Get Involved
• Sign up to your local league at • Players need to have a BMI of 27.5 or over and membership costs £25-30 per month. Around 80 per cent of players join on their own, but you can email the local coach and arrange a time to come
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Train Like The Pros
REPS: 8-10 of each • Throw straight down • Jump and throw REPS: 60 secs of each • Weighted front plank • Weighted side plank “The planks are to get the core section ready to take load and transmit force,” says McDermott, “and the med ball work is the
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Mind Games
In a lifetime of adventures, Ed Stafford has pushed his mind to breaking point. The former Army captain endured 860 days of anxiety and self-doubt during his record-breaking trek along the Amazon River in 2008-10, where – among other encounters – he