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Choice, bro

The struggle is real: what the hell are you having for dinner, anyway?

Having lots of choices might seem great… until you have to choose. US researchers have found that despite apparent opportunities presented by a lot of options,

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Fat Check
67% of men in the UK are overweight or obese 30-37% increased risk of death from Covid-19 among obese people 80 Man v Fat leagues nationwide 4,000 registered players 113,000kg of fat already burned by Man v Fat players 10kg weight loss on a
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Mind Games
In a lifetime of adventures, Ed Stafford has pushed his mind to breaking point. The former Army captain endured 860 days of anxiety and self-doubt during his record-breaking trek along the Amazon River in 2008-10, where – among other encounters – he
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Big Game Players
When Norwich City fan Dan Church tipped the scales at 158kg – around 25 stone – he almost got stuck in a stadium turnstile. “I took my little boy to an away match in Sunderland and it was a tight squeeze,” recalls the 32-year-old father of three. “I