Bicycling Australia

‘Roam If You Want To’

‘ROAM IF YOU WANT TO, ROAM around the world...' Ah yes, that glorious, upbeat and colourful song from the B-52's way back in 1989, a year when the latest cycling computer – an Avocet 30 for example – featured four, maybe five functions.

How times have changed right across

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Electric Dreams
IN A VERY SHORT TIME, E-BIKES have gone from a fringe product to mainstream. On the mountain bike side of things, I see a few in every race I enter—I’ll admit to a bit of envy when I see one easily ride up a slope steep enough where all of us on stan
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Summing Up
The paintwork, fit and finish is first class—certainly a bike the manufacturer and new owner would be proud of. As fantastic as you’d expect when the motor is providing assistance, still pretty good despite the extra weight when the motor is offline.
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VeloMat Indoor Training Mats
INDOOR TRAINING AND THE USE of smart trainers would have to be one of the fastest-growing sectors of the sport, with platforms such as Zwift, Fulgaz and Rouvy seeing a huge uptake over the past few years. Already booming before COVID, 2020 saw an eve