Cowboys & Indians

Western Storefront

Barbara Meikle Fine Art

any painters dream of having their works displayed in a prestigious art gallery, but Barbara Meikle went one step further and opened her own. After earning a bachelor’s degree in painting and printmaking at the University of Denver and studying at Cambridge University in England, the artist and New Mexico native founded Barbara Meikle

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Cowboys & Indians2 min citite
Journeying Beyond, Sedona, Arizona
THE NAME MII AMO COMES FROM A NATIVE American phrase meaning “one’s path” or “one’s journey.” But for me, Mii amo is about stillness. It’s about a mind at rest, a soul at peace, and a spirit calmed. Maybe it’s the massive red-rock formations surround
Cowboys & Indians3 min citite
Vaquero Legacies & Diverse Descendants
THE NORTH AMERICAN COWBOY DOESN’T ENCOMPASS JUST ONE CUSTOM OR IMAGE BUT INCLUDES A whole range of traditions and cultures. That’s the photogenic point of a new exhibition of roughly 50 photographs at Booth Western Art Museum. Showcasing the many var
Cowboys & Indians1 min citite
Back To Basics
As its roots continue to be borrowed in fashion and popular culture, the Western style seems to be able to reinvent itself time and time again. However, we as admirers and partakers of the culture have a duty to step back and remember the heritage th