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It takes great courage for writers to bring the realities and secrets of their lives to the surface to share.

What’s the Story?

SHE IS IN the hot tub with her husband. His hands are wandering, touching her leg, her thigh. He moves closer, wrapping his legs around her and caressing her breasts, then leaning over for a deep kiss. And they are both more than a little surprised: he because he has an erection and she because she had assumed that, after a year of abstinence, she would never have sex with her husband again. Not since his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

Cut to another scene. A man is washing his face in the restroom, looking into the mirror and giving himself a pep talk: “You can do this. Your whole life has been a perfect preparation for, it turns out, is to help another man—a grown adult, middle-aged—have his first ever sexual encounter. The first man is a licensed partner therapist, and after a long training program, this is his first real life assignment.

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