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Last year, University of Texas Press published Keith Carter: Fifty Years, which compiled five decades of the photographer’s search for the soul in the ordinary.

The collection of 250 images takes readers on a visual journey through a dream world that Carter often captures in the quiet realities of daily life around his adopted east Texas hometown of Beaumont.

While Carter, whose highly collectible work is in museums from the National Portrait Gallery in Washington to the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York, does explore the world camera-in-hand, he vows to never end his love affair with the South and its rich storytelling traditions.

Digital Photo Pro: How were you able to take a diverse body of work from your five-decade career and present it so seamlessly between two covers?

Keith Carter: It took me about a year thinking about what happened when and which were the most powerful images I’ve made.

What you did in 1992 takes on a whole different feel when you look at it in 2018. I got opinions from a handful of people that are close to me and started trying to lay it out. I

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