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A River Runs Through Them

Kingdoms may come, kingdoms may go Whatever the end may be Old Father Thames keeps rolling along Down to the mighty sea

of the 1933 ballad “Old Father Thames.” The song is an exhortation to Britons weathering the precarious period between two devastating wars to keep their chins up and their character steady, like the river that flows through their capital city. Along the banks of that tidal river, the stories of their everyday lives unfolded, and extraordinary events took place. For millennia, the Thames has been a nexus for all manner of human activity, from commerce and labor to religion and leisure to struggles with nature and personal triumphs and tragedies. It’s no surprise, then, that an artist like Julia Fullerton-Batten would find inspiration there. The London-based fine-art photographer has a zeal for uncovering fascinating stories and using rich colors, cinematic lighting and a healthy dose of imagination to bring them to life. She has brought this narrative style to her latest series

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