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In our last issue, in my article on three telephoto lenses, I wrote that “as sensor resolution increases, the lenses you use will be required to do more work to capture and resolve all those tiny, subtle details.” Since that issue published, Sony announced another pro-level full-frame mirrorless camera, the Sony a7R IV, which packs in 61 megapixels on its CMOS image sensor. That’s more resolution than you’ll find on some medium-format cameras.

But new pro cameras aren’t just increasing megapixel counts. For example, other features on the a7R IV include Real-time Eye AF, which “employs artificial intelligence to detect and process eye location data in real-time, locking and maintaining focus on the subject’s eye with extreme precision. This is available for both animal and human subjects.” It even works when obstacles temporarily block the subject from your camera. As long as your finger is pressed

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Digital Photo Pro
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