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“ONE OF THE MOST enjoyable meals I’ve ever had was eaten entirely on my own. At the height of last year’s World Cup-induced soccer fever, I fled to Barcelona for a four-day solo trip, seeking refuge from London’s beer-soaked streets. Sitting down to dinner on my first night – at a restaurant I’d chosen without having to consult anyone – I could barely suppress the shimmy of excitement that threatened to up-end my mother’s childhood rule of “no dancing at the dinner

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ELLE Australia1 min cititeFashion
Extended Cut
It’s been donned by every ’90s icon, from Winona to Gwyneth. Now, the long pixie is back with full force – thanks to a certain Miss Gerber debuting it on her Instagram. Laura Spinney, a stylist and educator at Edwards And Co, says the cut is a hot re
ELLE Australia5 min cititePsychology
Singled OUT
for my last birthday, I bought myself the gold diamond ring of my dreams. More than a birthday present, it was a gift to myself for making the incredibly tough decision to end a six-year relationship the week prior. In my excitement to own the ring,
ELLE Australia2 min citite
Pandora Sykes, co-host of the beloved The High Low podcast, makes her literary debut with this collection of essays that thoughtfully pull apart – then cleverly piece back together – modern life. From millennial burnout to fashion and more, Sykes ult