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UK Football promotes mental health

January 3, 2020, LONDON, United Kingdom—All 32 England Football Association (FA) Cup third-round ties from January 3 to 6 were to be delayed one minute as part of a campaign designed to promote mental health. The ‘Take a Minute’ initiative is a partnership with Public Health England’s Every Mind Matters program and FA’s Heads Up Campaign.

Kashmir crackdown spurs PTSD

December 23, 2019, SRINAGAR, India—A mental health crisis in India’s Kashmir is looming as already high rates of post-traumatic stress disorder are worsened by an ongoing military clampdown in the disputed area

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The Dizzying Freedom of Choice
It’s the first day of my stay-at-home vacation, and I’m free to do whatever I want. This is great. No alarm clock, deadlines, or barrage of emails for the next ten days. I can sleep in, indulge my passion for birdwatching, and catch up on my reading.
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Letters To The Editor
IT WAS WITH both empathy and admiration that I read “Selena Gomez and the Simple Life” (Fall 2019). This really brings the reality that we all have our personal challenges and journeys, no matter who we are. Her use of Instagram as a tool to portray
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The Slow Burn of Chronic Stress
I REALIZED I was hitting burnout when I no longer felt joy in my day. I was overloaded with responsibility and felt like I couldn’t keep up. Definitely not a good feeling. I took it seriously and removed as much as possible from my “list.” I also sto