Florida Design


From the flat, white surface of the canvas, a swimmer’s head emerges, breaking past two dimensional boundaries, eyes closed, face sheathed in water, seeming more real than

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Florida Design
Daphne Nikolopoulos Kim Mosley Laurie Spector Annette Sessa-Galbo Abigail Duffy Marina Brown | Lauren Czipulis Jeanne De Lathouder | Saxon Henry Marimar McNaughton | Regina Semeraro Mary Thurman Yuhas Stephen Allen | Argonaut Photography Brandon Barr
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FREDY Villamil
Fredy Villamil creates canvases with the robustness of design, a refined ease of expression and the diversity of vivid colors. Beneath the light-filled surfaces transformed by scarlet, aqua, emerald green, amethyst and topaz palettes crackling with t
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Wow Factor
THERE IS A PHENOMENON THAT HAPPENS each time someone steps through the front door of this 15,560-square-foot house nestled into the Venetian Islands, and it begins when the floor-to-ceiling aquarium that divides the two, first-floor living spaces com