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The Would-be Brides

Eleanor of Austria

hen Henry became heir to the throne, his father began to look for a suitable bride while publicly saying Henry should marry Prince Arthur’s widow, Catherine of Aragon. Henry VII wanted an

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Fatima Al Fihri
The world’s oldest university, Al Qarawiyyin, is a testament not only to the golden age of Islam, but to the visionary foresight of one its unsung heroes, Fatima Al Fihri. While worldwide academia would go on to become dominated by men, the first eve
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The Flamel fallacy
In the 14th and early 15th centuries, a bookseller lived in Paris. He married a wealthy, twice-widowed woman, and together the two devout Roman Catholics, though sadly childless, built up their business, accrued a property portfolio, made generous ph
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Think of the mystical religion Kabbalah, and many will immediately picture the singer Madonna. As one of a number of celebrities to embrace its ancient wisdom in recent years, she has sought to study and understand Kabbalah’s deep teachings, often in