Good Health

Small wonders

Back in the day, telling kids to go play outside was a piece of cake. In no time they’d be climbing trees, throwing a ball around, playing hopscotch, or engaging in rough-and-tumble. Today, however, chances are they’re more likely to be glued to their screens on the sofa than out in the sunshine.


We all know the importance of

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Hit the GROUND
I wiggle my toes and bury my feet deeper in the cool sand. Foamy, salty water washes around my ankles and trickles into the holes made by my toes. I breathe in. I breathe out. In that one breath cycle, life already feels more peaceful. This is gr
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Work Out Your Health Numbers
Your 30s is a good time to start monitoring blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar numbers to identify the need to take action to improve your heart health. High blood pressure and/or high cholesterol often have no symptoms, so you may not reali
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Ballet Body
If you want to know how to hone a lithe, supple body, who better to ask than a dancer? With a decade of experience as a pro ballerina in some of the world’s most renowned ballet companies, Mercedes Schindler knows first-hand the results you can get a