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“There has been so much innovation with facial oils, the results and sophistication are remarkable.”

If ever there was a modern-day magic potion, a fountain of youth, quality-vitamin-A-ripe retinol (and retinoids) would be it. With more than 25 years of medical research supporting its impressive cell-renewing, skin-smoothing, DNA-repairing abilities, retinol has solidified its place as all-star MVP, enjoying a starring role in thousands of

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When Laura Harrier was in her final year of drama school — a time when most actors are cutting their teeth as extras or making indie films with friends — she was cast in an HBO drama helmed by Steve McQueen, whose film 12 Years a Slave had just won t
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Stillness In Time
“When news of Italy’s nationwide lockdown first circulated, my husband, Bradley, and son, Hunter, and I were with friends in Puglia after the schools had closed. [Dinnigan’s 15-year-old daughter, Estella, is at boarding school in Australia.] Hunter h
Harper's Bazaar Australia4 min citite
It’s 11.45am on day two of Milan fashion week and British actor Gemma Chan is perched on a grey velvet couch inside the city’s Park Hyatt hotel, her all-white Max Mara palazzo-pants-and-silk-shirt outfit looking like something her old-moneyed Singapo