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‘Upgradeitis’ – the nagging feeling that some kind of change to your audio system would improve the sound you hear – seems to be almost inevitable for those of us who want the best possible sound quality when it comes to listening to music we enjoy. Hence the temptation to continually experiment – to wonder if a new amplifier, speakers or cartridge might provide results we

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Humming Along…
Science Journalist Technician and writer on all things audio for some 30 years, Paul Miller took over the editor’s chair in 2006. He invented the QC Suite, used across the audio Even slight levels of mains transformer hum or buzz can be irritating wh
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All Aboard The Caruso R
While sharing the same core functionality as T+A’s earlier Caruso all-in-one system, the new Caruso R jettisons the latter’s integrated speakers to appeal to customers seeking a more traditional stereo system (T+A has also launched two aesthetically
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Lab Report
Compact though it is, the SB-A10 from Toshiba’s ‘luxury brand’ Aurex puts in a very punchy performance, and all this hailing from an era before the development of hi-fi-quality Class D amplification. Class AB all the way, Aurex rates the SB-A10 at 2x