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The human civilisation has progressed in many ways, from building towering skyscrapers to developing mobile screens that can be folded. Through it all, design has been a key aspect of pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve with the aid of

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A New Brand Of Portraiture
Known for his larger-than-life, hyperrealistic and richly detailed portraits that substitute depictions of aristocratic Europeans bearing symbols of power and status in paintings by artists between the Renaissance and 1800, with good-looking African-
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Ed Carpenter
What is your personal design style? I believe in keeping things simple, useful, beautifully made and true to their materials with a sense of playfulness. What is your fondest memory as a child? Heading out with my father for a late summer swim in
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In Store
Add a dash of mid-century modern charm into your living space with Castlery’s new August TV Console, which pairs slatted timber with Italian Carrara marble. Raised on svelte steel legs, its eight compartments offer plenty of room to hide devices, cor