Journal of Alta California

Journal of Alta California

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From the Outside In
Lidia Yuknavitch is known for placing those we don’t see or choose not to see at the center of her work. In novels such as The Book of Joan and The Small Backs of Children and her memoir, The Chronology of Water, she gives life and agency to characte
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Fire Power
Anna Colegrove-Powell is setting the woods on fire. Her drip torch streams diesel onto dry leaves and twigs, and its flaring tip sets them ablaze. Soon, a line of orange flame sweeps through the underbrush along the thickly forested Klamath River, ig
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Luis J. Rodriguez
How does a fixation on borders undermine the idea of identity and culture? Nations and borders are relatively new concoctions in the history of humanity. They emerged as capitalism stretched out from Europe. I’m interested in the larger idea that all