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Get out there and ride. Well... duh. But do it in a group if you can because that leads to good

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5 Mistakes New Riders Make
If you don’t know, you don’t know. How would you? Pants aren’t meant to be worn under your shorts. Get yourself a chamois or padded liner short and you’ll instantly have a more pleasant and comfortable ride, with no seams or creases to chafe away you
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£829.98 SPECIFICATION Weight: 2,101g pair • Sizes: 27.5in, 29in (tested) • Sold separately: £399.99 (front), £499.99 (rear) • Contact: These new Sun Ringlé wheels use the brand’s proven Düroc rim mated to all-new Super Bubba hubs. Ea
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If you want to keep riding on work days during the winter, you’ve got two options. Move to the Southern hemisphere or buy a set of lights. And while the former is appealing if it means heading somewhere like New Zealand, the latter is more affordable