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Minor adjustments, big differences

Tom is an awardwinning professional photographer, best known for his high-quality landscape work for advertising, editorial and design clients. More info at: www.tommackie.com

I had heard that you have to be very lucky to see Mt. Fuji as it’s often obscured by clouds, but over the course of two days in the Fuji Five Lakes region, I couldn’t help to see it as it

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N-Photo: the Nikon magazine3 min cititeScience & Mathematics
Mist Opportunities
It really doesn’t matter what your favourite genre is or whether you’re camp DSLR, mirrorless or bridge camera, all photographers are fascinated with mist. And it’s no surprise. A foggy haze can transform even the most generic location into a photo o
N-Photo: the Nikon magazine3 min citite
Time To Sort Out Your Portfolio
Paul Wilkinson FMPA FBIPP FSWPP is a multi-award-winning international photographer and co-author of the best-selling book Mastering Portrait Photography, and shares his skills through the free companion site MasteringPortraitPhotography.com. In this
N-Photo: the Nikon magazine3 min citite
Immaculate Conception
This tutorial is inspired by the surreal, conceptual album covers of artist Storm Thorgerson, who crafted dozens of iconic sleeves for some of the world’s biggest bands. Like Thorgenson’s trademark surreal landscapes, we’ll make an otherworldly scene