New American Paintings


Rebecca Ness

Juror’s Pick p118

arts of Rebecca Ness’s paintings are familiar—the clasped hands, parted hair, printed blanket, crisp jacket—but Ness fuses these

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Steven Stodor
San Francisco, CA / / @_stodor_ Through multiple layers of Mylar, transparent colored plastic, and spray paint, under resin, I create minimalistic, nonrepresentational abstractions. Each piece is a study of color, color
New American Paintings2 min citite
Bryan Ali Sanchez
San Diego, CA / / @bryan_ali_sanchez My paintings deal with the inequalities of class structure, depicting the hardships of the working class. As a first-generation Mexican American, I also investigate th
New American Paintings1 min citite
Gregory Rick
Stanford, CA My life has been full of tribulations. I look at them as initiations. My father went to prison when I was seven for attempted murder. Although losing my dad was rough, his giving me two books, one on history and one o