New American Paintings

Valerie Cassel Oliver

During the course of serving as a juror for this issue, I found myself in the midst of transitioning from one institution to another several states and thousands of miles away. While the move essentially waylaid the process of my sitting down to review submissions, it allowed me an opportunity to breathe deeply and to affirm my passion and commitment to the arts. I recognized that same passion and commitment in the applicants, who all presented strong and thoughtful work. Their individual practices continue a tradition of painting that is hundreds, no,

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New American Paintings2 min citite
Bryan Ali Sanchez
San Diego, CA / / @bryan_ali_sanchez My paintings deal with the inequalities of class structure, depicting the hardships of the working class. As a first-generation Mexican American, I also investigate th
New American Paintings2 min citite
Tamera Avery
San Francisco, CA 833.278.5683 (Jen Tough Gallery) / / @tameraavery My work is a celebration of youth, where the young are the champions of change in flawed social, political, and environmental landscapes
New American Paintings2 min citite
Lava Thomas
Berkeley, CA / @lavathomas Through an oeuvre that includes drawing, sculpture, and sitespecific installation, I strive to connect people across distance and difference, using my practice to bridge our common humanity while addressi