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here was really only one location at Caerphilly where I could take a picture of the castle and have the sunset in the same frame. I’d eyed up

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Limited back issues of PhotoPlus: The Canon Magazine print editions are available on our new secure store at But if you’ve got an iPad, Android, Kindle or Nook tablet, or iPh
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Adjusting The Screen Brightness
One overlooked but essential camera customization option is the ability to change the brightness level of the rear display on an EOS camera or the electronic viewfinder of a mirrorless EOS body. While it’s very useful to have a bright, backlit screen
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Stunning Seascapes
NAME: ADRIAN STILLWELL CAMERA: CANON 5DS, 5D MK III 55 YEAR old Adrian is ex-bomb squad, turned IT Manager. Back in his army days he spent many months clearing mines between Sherringham to Blakeney Point along the Norfolk coast. Having been able to g