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More than just a compositional construct, doors, windows, and passageways provide the opportunity to imbue a painting with a sense of mystery. Whether our view is looking out, looking in, or down a corridor, we can’t help but wonder what awaits on the other side. Here, 15 artists

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PleinAir Magazine
B. Eric Rhoads • Twitter: @ericrhoads • Facebook: /ericrhoads Anne W. Brown • 435.772.0504 Kelly Kane • Brida Connolly • 702.665.
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DEMONSTRATION: Adding a Hint of Humanity Among Nature
This painting was the spring installment of a four-season commission Horne made for the owner of this property. He generally spends about 30 hours on a painting of this size. “I knew I wanted an afternoon scene with backlighting, but I didn't see tha
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DEMONSTRATION: On the Road to Dramatic Skies
While scouting out a location to paint, I relax and engage with my emotional response to the landscape. I let my eyes take in the sweet details of color, light, and interesting cloud shapes and store them away in my memory. I savor the sensory impact