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As light enters the horse’s eye, it passes through the cornea, aqueous humor, lens and vitreous humor. These structures refract, or bend, the light and focus it onto the retina. At this point, the light is converted to an electrical signal that travels out of the eye, along

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Build Your Ground Skills
Remarkable 54 and I won the freestyle class of the Retired Racehorse Project’s 2015 Thoroughbred Makeover (see below). I explained some of the training concepts I followed to accomplish that goal in Practical Horseman’s February 2015 issue. Here, I’l
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Don’t Undermine the Trot
Trying too hard at the trot is a common mistake in hack classes. Sometimes you will see a rider ask the horse to lengthen the trot by using a heavy driving seat with an open hip angle. But the driving seat is counterproductive, as it can make the hor
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About Amanda Steege
Growing up, Amanda Steege was never far from a horse with both of her parents working as trainers and instructors in the hunter/jumper industry. The family owned Red Acre Farm, in Stow, Massachusetts. As a Junior, Amanda campaigned her Small Junior H