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OT EVEN GOOGLE MAPS knows where Doris Sochaczewski’s home is. Surrounded by valleys and olive trees, her villa near the historic Italian town of Todi is best located with old-fashioned directions. “That’s exactly why

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True to Style
CASA JOSEPHINE STUDIO has been described as “the studio most likely to design your dream home”. But as founders Pablo López Navarro and Iñigo Aragón tell it, the business began with a design project that Pablo calls “an unwise decision with good resu
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12 ISSUES ONLY $19.99 136 116 and quote X207HMD Terms and conditions: Offer valid until 31/12/2020. If you do not want your information provided to any organisation not associated with this promotion, please indicate thi
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Leaf of Faith
Robin Monkhouse, a costume and props hire manager, with her theatre director and drama teacher husband, Sean O’Riordan, and their 15-year-old ginger cat, Monty. WHEN ROBIN MONKHOUSE walked into this light-filled 1930s Art Deco apartment in a tranquil