Martial Arts-Style Bushcraft

Just like the title says, this book contains 101 skills that can save your butt when you’re outdoors. Where this book differs from others with a similar premise is the method in which Kevin Estela, of Estela Wilderness Education, shares his information — he’s a trainer of “feeders.” For the uninitiated, feeders are students of Sayoc Kali, a Filipino martial art

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Bullets, Beans, And Binkies
On the other end of the phone, my buddy Tom — your archetypically squared-away retired Recon Marine — was validating my decision to bug out of Los Angeles due to the COVID-19 situation. As we discussed the sense of panic that was still brewing in the
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Arc’teryx Mantis 32 CAPACITY 32 liters (1,953 cubic inches) MSRP $169 URL NOTES We’re fond of gear that looks commonplace in an urban setting but also excels in the backwoods or when SHTF. The Mantis 32 is one such pack. It works great a
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Survival Medicine Meets Bedside Manner
Premise: How can we heal our own bodies and those of others when we have no one to rely on? This problem is a basic tenet for survivalists. How can we make something out of nothing, or prepare so that we’ll have the right things when we need them? Wh