244 pages | Hardback/ebook

Editor Steve Cole

Publisher BBC Books

inveterate name-dropper for over five decades; this collection

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Robbie Amell
Back in 2017, when actor Robbie Amell first auditioned for writer Greg Daniels’s latest comedy series Upload, no one had a clue how timely it would end up being. Set in the 2030s, this sweet yet cynical comedy revolves around Amell’s seemingly golden
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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
How was this compared to the first Wonder Woman movie? Gal: It was like coming back home again. The process of shooting these movies, doing all of the prep work, is a long time. We shot the movie for eight months, sometimes six days a week. It’s very
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Rebel Girl
“IN MANY WAYS IT’S BECOME MUCH more relevant,” suggests director Rachel Talalay of her 1995 comic book movie Tank Girl. “It’s so much more apparent now just how ahead of our time we were.” Hindsight offers an odd perspective. For Talalay, revisiting