Pick of the paperbacks this time: Adrian Tchaikovsky’s CAGE OF SOULS (

, out now, Head Of Zeus). Set when the sun is dying and (

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You Don’t Know Jack
SCI-FACT! This is the third Samurai Jack videogame, but the first involving Genndy Tartakovsky and which is considered canon. IN 2017, GENNDY TARTAKOVSKY AND HIS team finally brought the tale of the time-wandering hero Samurai Jack to a close. And th
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2d To Beam Up
GIVEN THAT THE FRANCHISE has birthed eight television series and 13 films, it’s perhaps surprising that (barring a couple of recent shorts) Star Trek has only boldly gone into the world of animation once – way back in 1973 with Star Trek: The Animate
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Hunter’s Moon
EXTRAS RELEASED 24 AUGUST 2020 | 15 | DVD/download Three awful blokes torment three “teenage” girls in this terrible werewolf movie from debut director Michael Caissie. Talent in front of the camera – Thomas Jane, Jay Mohr, Katrina Bowden – suggests