s ever, there’s tons more books we couldn’t fit in. Almost-human wolves and a living ship made of bones are among the delights of (out now, One). Alison Littlewood’s (out now, Jo Fletcher Books) sees a grieving woman buy a run-down Yorkshire farmhouse, then suffer visions of former occupants. Kiran Millwood Hargrave’s (out now, Bellatrix) reimagines from the perspective of his brides. And in Tamsyn Muir’s irreverent science fantasy (out now, ), the acid-tongued lesbian bodyguard to a necromancer strives to win her freedom by winning a tournament. Philip Pullman’s continues with (out now, David Fickling) – set seven years after . Tade Thompson bagged the Clarke Award for the first in , his alien invasion series set in a future Africa; now it concludes with (17 October, Orbit). And the second in Mary Robinette Kowal’s series (book one recently won a Hugo) has made its UK debut: (out now, Solaris). Duncan Jones’s acclaimed debut film gets a 10th anniversary look-back in (15 October, Titan). And Richard Littler’s darkly funny website about a fictional northern town has spun off into print again: (17 October, William Collins) purports to reproduce a charity shop find.

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