POP QUIZ: HOW MANY LINES DOES BOBA Fett have in The Empire Strikes Back? If you said “four”, give yourself a pat on the back. Few characters in cinema history have made a bigger impression with such minimal screentime for no reason other than the fact they look really flippin’ cool. So it comes as little surprise that Lucasfilm’s first ever live-action Star Wars series, set to debut on new streaming service Disney+ later this year, should centre on a Mandalorian’s (mis)adventures through the galaxy.

Played by ’ Red Viper, Pedro Pascal, the eponymous Mandalorian has the potential to’ most notorious bounty hunter. He even has one over Boba Fett in the mysterious stakes – no one even knows his name. No one except Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, we imagine. The director (and voice of Mandalorian Pre Vizsla on ) serves as showrunner and writer after pitching the idea of a series based on his favourite characters to Kathleen Kennedy. Filoni, meanwhile, has written an episode, and is making his live-action directorial debut on the show.

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