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Projects, projects, projects! From the Raspberry Pi to Linux to Arduino, we’re going to keep you busy in 2020 with only the best maker projects to try in! We’re running a maker special with our favourite builds to try, from running an NAS to a fully functional robot build.

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Risky Business
“Risk analysis considers the likelihood of a risk being realised and then multiplies it by the impact of it being realised to give a “level of risk”. For example, leaving your suitcase across the top of the stairs means there’s a risk that someone ma
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Letter Of The Month
I enjoyed your editorial on the “Year of Linux?”. But as a 45-year-old veteran of the operating systems and hardware area of computers, the same reasons for the success of Linux in the areas you highlight, are the same reasons why desktop users have
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Ad Astra
The K8ssandra effort was essentially born out of a DataStax-managed Cassandra service, dubbed Astra. We got Patrick to tell us more about this. “As a developer advocate I love Astra, and not just because it makes Cassandra a lot easier for everyone t