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Nothing’s more infuriating than random computer crashes. If it is reproducible, you have somewhere to start looking, but if it happens at any time and using any software, where do you begin?

If it

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Letter Of The Month
I bought a laptop last year, and have now been sent information regarding the installing of coreboot. It is, according to a search of your archives), four years since you last discussed coreboot in the magazine, so I was wondering if you might consid
Linux Format7 min cititeComputers
Managing Game Objects With Python
This issue we’re going to add to an already developed game platform, fully created in the Python scripting language using the PyGame library module. The theme of the project was inspired by an isometric video game in the early 1990s called HeroQuest
Linux Format4 min cititeSecurity
Vet Your USB Devices
A security breach can come not only from the internet, but also USB devices. Furthermore, USB devices can also be used to remove your data. If you want to protect your machines from unknown USB devices, USBGuard is just the tool for you. You’ll find