Linux Format

Getting started

The Raspberry Pi is a truly magical device. It has been used in some fantastic applications – flying machines, revolutionising classrooms, voyages to the bottom of the sea, etc. But just as programming often begins with a program that prints “Hello World”, so your first maker project might also be

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JACK Support
Linux uses a system called ALSA to interface with the sound card, but most Linux music applications also support JACK (JACK Audio Connection Kit). This is a layer that sits on top of that, and it’s a key aspect of the Linux audio ecosystem. JACK is u
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You Need
Raspberry Pi 4 or Pi 400 (one unit per room) 8GB (or larger) microSD card, U3 cards recommended. One per room 3.5 mm audio cables Amplified speakers or a receiver with 3.5mm/phono audio input Power supplies for your Raspberry Pis Optional
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Making Sense Of The Copy Mode
You can enter the copy mode in any Byobu screen or split pane by pressing Alt+PgUp. You’ll notice that you can now use the arrow keys to freely move through all the text on the current pane. To select text, first press Space and then use the arrow k