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Monitor git projects

Do you need a hand keeping all your git repositories up to date? Do you want a visual reminder of the modified, added, renamed, untracked and deleted files in your git working directories? Build a Qt 5 Python 3 GUI application that finds all of your git repositories and displays their status through colours.

The left panel of Figure 1 (see right) shows the locations of all of the git working directories sorted alphabetically. We have selected the git working directory home/js/Development/historyDialog. Notice that its colour is red, which indicates the presence of modified files in the working directory. There are also deleted and untracked files, but the overall status is determined by the presence of modified files. The right panel shows the issues that git reports about individual files in the git working directory. They are colour-coded by importance, where red signifies an important issue, orange signifies a less-important issue and green signifies that git reported no issues.

Our historyDialog directory shown in Figure 1 is not currently used. It could be deleted, but we can also tell to ignore this repository by adding it to the gitStatus.ini file in the same directory.

You’ll build the dialog-based application visually using Qt 5 Designer and then save it

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