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I have a question about filesystems and a way of transferring files more easily. When Unix was being developed on computers with multiple drives, the primary drive could mount the root of secondary drives or their subdirectories of the secondary drive.

So if you own a desktop computer and tablet, why not set the SD card with a soft link to the desktop and

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Take Full Advantage Of Snapshots
VirtualBox, QEMU and any other virtualisation tool you can name enable you to snapshot and restore VMs with the click of a button or a flourish of the command line. These are great because you can easily roll back the system to a known-good state. XC
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SoC: RP2040, dual-core Arm Cortex M0+ Clock: 133MHz Mem: 264Kb Flash: 2MB Comms: USB v1.1 GPIO: 26 multifunction pins, 2x SPI, 2x I2C, 2x UART, 3x 12-bit ADC, 16x PWM channels, 2x PIO (eight-state machines) Extras: Real time clock, temperature
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The Sense HAT is packed with sensors for temperature, humidity, acceleration, orientation and air pressure. And we have a great RGB LED matrix and a joystick that can be used in our projects. To control the Sense HAT we used Python, but we can also u