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MSI GeForce GTX 1650 Super Gaming X

Like the other “Super”-branded GPUs launched recently by Nvidia, the 1650 Super represents modest improvements to an existing part. In this case, the part is the TU116. That’s a step up from the bottom Turing TU117 GPU used in the GTX 1650. Why the change? Simple: The TU117 lacks a few of the extra features found in its big brother. Specifically, it

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Constraints are useful when you want to keep objects in alignment. Locate the Snap icon in the top bar to limit movements to the resolution of the current grid. Movement can be limited to a single axis by pressing the x, y and z keys. Blender is a
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CentOS Stream 8
Late last year, the Red Hat-sponsored CentOS project announced that it was refocusing its efforts behind the newly introduced CentOS Stream distro. In essence it killed the beloved and highly stable server distro with what is essentially a rolling re
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Model: SN850 Capacity: 1TB Interface: PCIe Gen4 x4 Controller: WD_Black G2 NAND: BiCS4 96-layer TLC Seq. read: 7,000MB/s Seq. write: 5,300MB/s Endurance: 600TBW Warranty: Five years ■